deleted users that appear stuck in the deleting / users stuck in deleting




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    Tony Bagalini

    You can remove the user(s) by selecting the 'More Actions' drop down menu and selecting 'delete'. Please note users must be in a licensed state.


    1. navigate to users->provisioning and approve the 'pending' tasks here. 


    1. navigate to users->all users and select the 'Show Filters' button. 
    2. Then select Status->deleting. Select one of the users in question. 
    3. Then select the 'applications' tab and click on any 'pending' messages. Here you can select 'approve'. 
    4. Once all 'pending' tasks are approved select the 'More Actions' drop down menu and select 'delete'. 

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    Thomas Burke

     Tony, I'm having an odd issue with deleted users hanging in the deleting stage also, but I cannot delete them no matter what I do. I think it is because they have a failed provision, but I can't remove them from the application or reapply the mapping because the user does not exist. 

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    Thomas Burke

    Resolved: If you click in the application outside of the "failed" provisioning status you can disassociate the user with the login and then you can delete the user and remove the user.

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